Janice Liu

About Me

Hey, I'm Janice! I'm a self-driven sophomore studying computer science at University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears 🐻!), with interests in software dev, product, data science, entrepreneurship, and design. As a software developer and aspiring product manager, I write code and design solutions with empathy and purpose to improve experiences.

I'm very passionate about achieving gender equity in tech, connecting communities together, and creating accessible & impactful tech for everyone. As a hackathon enthusiast and advocate for accessible education, I've been to 10+ hackathons and have organized 3 to date. I use she/her pronouns.

What I've Been Up To

• Event Planner at Spectra. Organizing virtual hackathon for underrepresented genders in tech (female/non-binary). Focusing on helping hackers learn tangible skills and giving them a comfortable environment to experiment.

• Developing a product to tackle rising issues in media, particularly fake news and information bias, through Product Buds' initiative for aspiring PMs, Project Jam. Researching how people in the U.S. and globally consume news.

• Watching NYC Media Lab x Bloomberg's Machines + Media series, examining how emerging technologies, like AI, are changing all aspects of media.

• Fellow @ ReWriting The Code.

• Hobbies + Interests: 💡 startups, ✨ productivity hacks, 🎙 discovering podcasts, 🎧 curating music playlists, 📷 experimenting with creating AR Instagram filters, 🌎 exploring the world, 🎬 film, 🥭 mangoes.

What I've Done

This past spring, I organized SWE's Mini University Event for Bay Area high schoolers to explore a day in the life of a Berkeley Engineering student through lab tours, hands-on workshops, and panels.

Last summer, I interned at Expedia Group on the Mobile App Engineering Team.

In high school, I lead my Girls Who Code club, editted my school newspaper, The Dublin Shield, and organized AIHacks, the first all-female hackathon in Southern California with a emphasis on AI.

Striving to empower students with special needs and increase their accessibility in sports, I joined a team of students, the DHS InvenTeam, to invent and build a device enable these students to participate in the annual Special Olympics in my local community.

Say Hi!

Feel free to send me an email at janice [dot] liu [at] berkeley [dot] edu

LinkedIn: /in/jjaniceliu

Github: @liujanice

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